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Cooking tacos hot of the grill on-location, with crispy chips and fresh salsa. Transform everyday events with everyone's favorite tacos and food truck hospitality.

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When you need food for events

Pronto Taco provides professional and adaptable food truck services with effortless booking and coordination. Tacos are cooked to perfection on-site for quick orders hot off the grill.

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Don't be stuck with boring food, or worry if it arrives on time. You need food hot off the grill, delicious, and easy that'll make everyone happy. Pronto Taco’s mobile catering cooks delicious tacos in no time from your local food truck.

Popular events for booking the Pronto Taco food truck

Pronto Taco's mobile catering services brings the excitement of cooking on-site at events for fresh tacos instantly. Our team adapts to various event styles and crowd sizes making sure you have good food that feeds everybody.
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Popular events for booking the Pronto Taco food truck

  • Employee appreciation luncheons
  • Rewarding employees and teams
  • Employee training and safety
  • Sales team milestones and achievements
  • Client and customer thank you lunch
  • Company lunch and learns
  • Corporate catering
  • Corporate retreats
  • GenCon Indy
  • Visit Indy events
  • Rock the Ruins
  • The Statehouse Market
  • Hospital employee appreciation lunch
  • Fundraising events
  • Wedding receptions
  • After party and late night wedding reception catering
  • Holiday parties like Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Memorial Day
  • Back to school and school festivals
  • Concerts and music festivals
  • Grand opening parties
  • HOA neighborhood parties and pool openings
  • Graduation parties
  • Private parties

Booking the food truck and ordering tacos are easy

Pronto Taco streamlines food truck catering services with fast, friendly, and efficient event catering operations. It's easy for event organizers to book the food truck and for small or large crowds to devour tasty tacos cooked on the spot quickly.
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Ordering tacos is easy with our food truck catering

  • Pre-paid tacos (Example: company employee appreciation luncheon)
  • Out-of-pocket tacos (Example: guests at GenCon Indy or Rock the Ruins)
  • If it's a pre-paid food truck event you tell us which two tacos to cook for our Pronto Combo
  • If it's an out-of-pocket event we will bring our choice of tacos for the Pronto Combo
  • Crowds come to our food truck window to order and take away their tacos
  • Our food truck window menu displays tacos, chips, salsa, and drinks available for service

Tacos packed with authentic flavors

Dive into our satisfying and simple food truck menu featuring our own recipes for tasty tacos, sides, and beverages. Everyone enjoys their favorite tacos — freshly cooked on the spot.
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Tacos hot off the grill

  • The Pronto Combo — tell us which two tacos you want us to cook at your event
  • Tacos — pollo, asada, chorizo, veggie, breakfast
  • Lunch and dinner tacos are gluten free (pollo, asada, chorizo, veggie) served with white corn tortillas
  • Breakfast tacos served with flour tortillas
  • All tacos are topped with freshly chopped cilantro and white onion
  • Crispy chips
  • Fresh salsa
  • Mild verde and hot rojo sauces
  • Bottled waters and ice-cold Mexican sodas
  • See what our food looks like
  • Contact us for fast tacos

Food menu for events

Savor the flavors of freshly grilled tacos, crunch of chips, and rich blend of salsa. Our food truck brings freshness directly to your event, making every bite your new favorite food experience.
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Pronto Combo

2 tacos and 1 chips and salsa. Tell us the two tacos to serve with the Pronto Combo at your event, and we'll get orders out fast. Save $1 off a drink with the Pronto Combo.

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Pronto Taco food truck with open window and door

Eat from Pronto Taco

Make your mobile catering hassle-free with delicious food. Bring Pronto Taco's food truck and professional team to your next event.

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