Emergency food truck and urgent catering

If another food truck or caterer can't show up to feed your event on-time, ask Pronto Taco. If there's an opening in our food truck calendar we will move taco mountains to help.

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Need mobile catering? Complete 6 quick questions to get Pronto Taco at your next event.

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Pronto Taco is a dedicated food truck

Maybe your event is last-minute, or something happened out of your control and you need food. If available, Pronto Taco will cater your event.

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Pronto Taco cooks tacos hot off the grill and fulfills orders fast for an enjoyable food truck experience. We're constantly seeking ways to engage with our customers and provide a service that goes beyond the everyday food truck.

If you need urgent, last-minute food catering

Step into the world of mobile food truck catering with Pronto Taco's effortless booking, delicious food, and fast service. Our food truck is equipped to bring the sizzle of the grill and deliver a professional, friendly service that's unmatched by any other food truck in Indianapolis.
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Pronto Taco last-minute booking for your event

  • Contact us first by phone or email
  • Fill out this quick 6-question form
  • We will contact you regardless if our food truck calendar is already full
  • Pronto Taco's food truck cooks on-location for fresh tacos
  • Take a look at our food truck menu
  • Tacos cooked hot off the grill
  • Crispy chips cut and fried in-house
  • Fresh salsa blended in-house
  • Hot rojo and mild verde sauces blended in-house
  • Ice-cold Mexican sodas
  • Take-away boxes and bags that are disposable
  • Self-contained food truck trailer
  • Quiet generator for internal power source
  • 2-tank propane system for the grill
  • 3-sink and 1-sink systems for internal cleaning and hand washing
  • Passes all county health and food permits
  • Regularly permitted in these counties
  • Food truck trailer is 18-ft long
  • About 36-ft long when hitched up to our truck for towing
  • ServSafe certified for food handling safety

Food menu for events

Savor the flavors of freshly grilled tacos, crunch of chips, and rich blend of salsa. Our food truck brings freshness directly to your event, making every bite your new favorite food experience.
Taco box open showing tacos next to a bag of chips and cup of salsa

Pronto Combo

2 tacos and 1 chips and salsa. Tell us the two tacos to serve with the Pronto Combo at your event, and we'll get orders out fast. Save $1 off a drink with the Pronto Combo.

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Eat from Pronto Taco

Make your mobile catering hassle-free with delicious food. Bring Pronto Taco's food truck and professional team to your next event.

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