Mobile food truck catering

When looking for a better way to cater events, look no further than Pronto Taco. With our effortless booking and food truck catering services, you enjoy tacos hot off the grill.

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Need mobile catering? Complete 6 quick questions to get Pronto Taco at your next event.

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Food truck lunch for companies

Make your next office lunch a taco day. Bringing Pronto Taco keeps employees on-site with a dedicated food truck lunch service, a delightful company experience to reward your employees.

Eat with corporate catering

Pronto Taco is here to take the hassle out of Indianapolis event catering with our mobile food truck. Tell us when and where and our experienced team will cook delicious tacos to feed everyone at your event — quickly.

Pronto Taco is a top choice for mobile food truck catering

Enjoy an effortless way to reserve and coordinate catering food with Pronto Taco. Our team is professional and trained to adapt to various food truck services for event planning and crowd sizes.
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Benefits with Pronto Taco's food catering services

  • Food made fresh for your event
  • Tacos cooked hot off the grill
  • Orders fulfilled quickly for each person
  • Eating starts and ends on schedule
  • Effortless booking and coordination
  • Seamless event integration
  • Food handling and safety certified
  • Simplicity and speed for small or large crowds
  • Regularly permitted in these counties

Transform Indianapolis events with tacos and teamwork

Looking to feed a crowd, quickly? We cook tacos hot off the grill right on the spot and offer effortless booking to get our food truck services out to your events.
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How to get Pronto Taco at your event

Our tacos and chips and salsa make events tasty

Forget the same boring lunches at corporate events, or buffets at weddings, or concession foods at conventions. With Pronto Taco you get fresh, hot off the grill recipes cooked on-location.
Closeup of woman with a taco in her hand and taking a big bite out of the taco

Why people love our food truck menu

  • Tacos cooked fresh, hot off the grill
  • Chips cut and fried in-house
  • Salsa blended in-house
  • Rojo and verde sauces blended in-house
  • Variety of ice-cold Mexican sodas
  • Food served with take-away boxes and bags that are disposable
  • Food gets out our window fast

Food menu for events

Savor the flavors of freshly grilled tacos, crunch of chips, and rich blend of salsa. Our food truck brings freshness directly to your event, making every bite your new favorite food experience.
Taco box open showing tacos next to a bag of chips and cup of salsa

Pronto Combo

2 tacos and 1 chips and salsa. Tell us the two tacos to serve with the Pronto Combo at your event, and we'll get orders out fast. Save $1 off a drink with the Pronto Combo.

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Pronto Taco food truck with open window and door

Eat from Pronto Taco

Make your mobile catering hassle-free with delicious food. Bring Pronto Taco's food truck and professional team to your next event.

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