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In a world full of food truck choices, Pronto Taco is here to fill you up on taco goodness that’s fast, fresh, and friendly. We’re from Indianapolis and bring take-away taco boxes for street-style tacos served hot off the grill.

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Three Pronto Taco employees standing in front of food truck smiling and each holding a taco

Pronto Taco is a food truck with a professional team ready to fulfill your food needs at you next event. We’re often booked for company employee luncheons, neighborhoods, concerts and conventions to feed large crowds, and weddings for food truck mobile catering services.

2015 Is When Our Tacos Started

We started a concept company in 2015 called Tacos Tomorrow where we delivered our taco box lunches to offices around downtown Indianapolis. We wanted to learn more about the Indy food market and validate our taco flavors before launching Pronto Taco.

Stacks of meals and bags of chips with Tacos Tomorrow logo and flyers in between with the words WE DO NOT DELIVER COLD SUBS

2017 Is When We Grew into Corporate Catering

Honestly, we accidentally got into the catering business after multiple customers requested our tacos for Mexican buffets. So in 2017 we started delivering taco bars with our chips and salsa for corporate catering.

Table with Tacos Tomorrow taco bar items

2019 Is When We Launched Pronto Taco

After three years with Tacos Tomorrow, we learned enough to launch Pronto Taco, where we planned to serve our tacos on demand for a fast-casual food experience in Indianapolis.

Hand holding taco in front of Pronto Taco food truck

2020 Is When COVID Happened So We Launched a Food Truck

With plans on opening a brick and mortar storefront not looking realistic with COVID impacting dine-in restaurants, it just looked like the better approach for us was to build our own food truck trailer.

Rear of Pronto Taco food truck in front of brick building

2021 Is When We Popped Up at Indiana City Brewing Company

One of Indianapolis’ local breweries was looking for a reliable food truck to offer great food along with their great beer. Our food truck served tacos hot off the grill to Indiana City Brewing Company’s patrons every Friday evening in 2021.

Pronto Taco 10/8/21 @ Indiana City Brewing Co.

2022 Is When We Started Serving A Lot More Tacos

Word got out around Indianapolis about our food truck tacos and catering team. In 2022 we served at over 250 locations for employee appreciation luncheons, lunch and learns, local music concerts, neighborhood food truck dinners, food truck wedding catering, food truck festivals, and Indy conventions.

Hand holding taco in front of Gen Con sign

Pronto Taco’s food truck serves tacos hot off the grill at some of Indiana’s best places to work, local festivals, biggest conventions, weddings, and neighborhoods.

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