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Our effortless booking, dependable service, and dedicated team makes Pronto Taco one of the most trusted food trucks for events around Indianapolis — fast, flavorful, and fuss-free.

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Our not-so secret ingredient is teamwork

Pronto Taco teams are trained for the thrill of the grill, boxing tacos fast, and hospitality at the window. Our team-first approach isn't just good business; it's a guarantee of fresh, top-quality tacos from good people every time.


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Pronto Taco's food truck is found at company employee luncheons, weddings, neighborhoods, concerts, and conventions. Tacos are cooked hot off the grill to satisfy cravings and orders go out super fast to respect schedules. Based out of Beech Grove, we serve greater Indianapolis and started our business adventure in 2015.

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2015 is when our tacos took to the streets

We started Tacos Tomorrow in 2015, a concept company where you ordered today for tomorrow's taco box delivery. Our goal was to learn more about the Indy market and collect feedback from customers before launching Pronto Taco.

Multiple stacks of taco boxes with bags of chips for delivery

2017 is when our tacos took over sandwiches

In 2017 we became more active in corporate catering by delivering larger group orders for office meetings. Customers wanted tacos hot out of the box to satisfy corporate lunches instead of the same cold subs and flat pizza.

Closeup of a taco box with four tacos

2019 is when we launched Pronto Taco

After four years with Tacos Tomorrow, we learned a lot to launch Pronto Taco, where we planned to serve our tacos on demand for a fast-casual food experience in Indianapolis.

Fish eye photo of smiling food truck employee handing food to unknown person (only hands are shown)

2020 is the year of COVID, and food truck

Plans on opening a fast-casual storefront didn't look realistic with the pandemic. It looked like the better approach for us was launching our own food truck to serve tacos around Indianapolis.

Group of people in front of a food truck celebrating a cheers with glasses of beer in their hands

2021 was at Indiana City Brewing Company

We are beyond grateful that one of Indy's local breweries invited us to cook our tacos every Friday and at their events. Indiana City Brewing Company gave us our starting location and then kick off our mobile catering services.

Food truck employee with a bandana handing a taco box order to customer who is taking the order from the employee

2022 is when we took to the streets

In 2022 our goal was discovering where our tacos fostered the most event relationships. We served 159 events ranging from private corporate catering and weddings to public events like neighborhoods, schools, food truck festivals, and conventions.

Closeup of woman with bright sunglasses bringing taco to her mouth to take a bite

2023 was the year of private catering

In 2023 we fulfilled the growing demand for corporate catering options in Indianapolis with an influx of private bookings for catering corporate events, lunch and learns, and team building catering with our food truck.

It's always a taco day for us, and every year more companies, weddings, neighborhoods, and conventions are making taco days happen with the Pronto Taco food truck.

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Savor the flavors of freshly grilled tacos, crunch of chips, and rich blend of salsa. Our food truck brings freshness directly to your event, making every bite your new favorite food experience.
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Pronto Combo

2 tacos and 1 chips and salsa. Tell us the two tacos to serve with the Pronto Combo at your event, and we'll get orders out fast. Save $1 off a drink with the Pronto Combo.

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