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Your favorite tacos are Pronto

In the fast-paced world of events, speed comes in the form of a taco. Pronto Taco offers quick and on-time mobile catering for events, cooking tacos hot off the grill.

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Corporate and company catering

Stay on schedule and fit your budget with food truck mobile corporate catering services for employee appreciation luncheons.

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Wedding catering and receptions

Food truck wedding catering is affordable and easier versus other catering services. We offer the perfect balance of quality and value.

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Food menu for events

Savor the flavors of freshly grilled tacos, crunch of chips, and rich blend of salsa. Our food truck brings freshness directly to your event, making every bite your new favorite food experience.
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Pronto Combo

2 tacos and 1 chips and salsa. Tell us the two tacos to serve with the Pronto Combo at your event, and we'll get orders out fast. Save $1 off a drink with the Pronto Combo.

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Bite into our tacos and don't be surprised when you catch yourself nodding your head in satisfaction. It's a tasty taco phenomenon.
Pronto Taco pollo (chicken) taco

Seasoned chicken taco

Pronto Taco asada (steak) taco

Seared steak taco

Chorizo (spicy pork) taco

Spicy ground pork taco

Pronto Taco veggie taco

Grilled squash with bell peppers and vegetarian refried beans

Breakfast taco

Scrambled egg and cheese (add bacon or chorizo)


Scoop. Crunch. Repeat. Every bite is as fresh as it gets. We fry our own tortilla chips and blend our own salsa, making our chips with salsa a signature side piece.

Chips and salsa
Chips with salsa

Crunchy, crisp chips with fresh salsa

Since 2021, Pronto Taco has catered 359 events around Indianapolis, earning a reputation for being a reliable food truck. Our passion is rooted in elevating the simple taco to an extraordinary culinary experience, fostering community spirit, and making every occasion memorable.

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Transform everyday events into vibrant, shared experiences

Pronto Taco brings a level of hospitality that goes beyond the norm, so every taco interaction is warm, welcoming, and efficient.

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Make your mobile catering hassle-free with delicious food. Bring Pronto Taco's food truck and professional team to your next event.

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